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Don't give up on your instrument rating. I'm a retired air traffic controller and I'll take the time to make sure you understand the  language. You get the complete instrument rating course in a PA28-150 IFR certified aircraft for $6495.00. This includes up to 40 hours in aircraft, (no simulator) and lots of free ground school. If the weather cooperates, you get actual in the clouds training.  If you fly in I'll provide transportation from lodging to airport and back.   Lodging is 29.00 per day.  Lodging and restaurant are 4 miles from airport.

I WILL ALSO WORK WITH YOU ON A FINISH UP COURSE. If you have worked toward a instrument rating and are frustrated with your progress, call me and I'll schedule the number of days we need to finish your rating. I work with one student at a time 8 hours per day. Lodging 29.00 per day. Lodging and restaurant is only 4 miles from the airport.  I'm located at Huggins Memorial Airport in Timmonsville just a few miles from Florence, SC.  Click here to see why this is a great location for your instrument training. To get started on your instrument rating, call
Gerlold Ellsworth. 843-601-2427.



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