Earn your Private Pilot License With Us

We believe that learning to fly and earning your private pilot license should be a fun and rewarding experience. We also want to make it affordable to you. By combining a quality flight and ground training program with reasonable prices.

How do I get started with the Learn to fly program?

Enjoy a Learn To Fly discovery flight. The lesson includes flight with a certified flight instructor. During the lesson, you will learn how to control the airplane. Then you will have the opportunity to fly the airplane yourself. Although the FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time, most students require more, usually around 50 to 60 hours. This figure is dependent on learning aptitude and how frequently you fly. By flying on a consistent basis, it is possible to reduce total training time because your retention of skills will be higher.

Ellworth Pilot Training Center has two payment plans:

  1. Pay as you fly.
  2. Draw down account: you pay $1000.00 and we add $50.00. You now have $1,050.00 for flight training.

Learn to fly – Pursue advanced rating.

We can help you with advanced ratings as well. Please contact us for more details on instrument, commercial, CFI, or DFII pilot certificates. We also provide flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks.

Dispelling aviation myths.

Okay, let’s unravel two common myths that keep many potential pilots grounded.

Myth #1 – Pilots must have perfect vision.
Wrong! Civilian pilots can correct many vision imperfections by wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Myth #2 – Learning to fly takes years.
Not so. The time required to learn to fly is dependent on how frequently you train. Most people earn their wings in less than one year. With hard work, it’s quite possible to become a certificated pilot in a few months.

…ready, set, go! Learn to fly now.

We invite you to talk with us and set up an appointment to go over our program and take your own learn to fly discovery flight. You may contact us by email or by calling us.

Reasons to choose Ellsworth Training Center.

  • Our prices are very affordable because we use the popular Cessna 150 training aircraft with low operating expenses. Nearby motel is $30.00 per day.
  • Our aircraft are equipped with GPS Navigation units.
  • Your pilot’s license is not the end – we rent our aircraft to qualified pilots so you can put your hard earned license to work in your search for adventure.

Contact us now and Learn To Fly